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Sarcoidosis: association with small bowel disease and folate deficiency.
  1. S M MacRury,
  2. G McQuaker,
  3. R Morton,
  4. R Hume
  1. Department of Medicine, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.


    A 30 year old woman with recurrent anaemia due to folate deficiency had evidence of sarcoid granuloma on small bowel biopsy but was presumed to have Crohn's disease. The diagnosis of small bowel sarcoidosis was not seriously considered until she developed systemic manifestations of sarcoidosis (cutaneous and pulmonary lesions) over the following 20 years. Sarcoidosis of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the small bowel, is rare and this case is unusual because bowel pathology preceded more generalised lesions. As far as is known it is also the first case to be described presenting with malabsorption of folic acid.

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