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Florid vascular proliferation in repeated intussusception mimicking primary angiomatous lesion.
  1. K L Ramsden,
  2. J Newman,
  3. A Moran
  1. Department of Histopathology, East Birmingham Hospital.


    A case of recurrent intussusception in a 76 year old man associated with vascular proliferation is reported. The initial biopsy specimen showed that ulceration and inflammation were not features. The proliferation was so florid as to point to an angiomatous lesion. At this stage a diagnosis of intussusception was not considered. The clinical impression was that of a caecal mass associated with a filling defect visible on barium enema and a fleshy "suspicious" lesion on colonoscopy. This case illustrates the possibility of misinterpreting the importance of florid vascular proliferation in biopsy material where other features indicative of a reparative process are absent.

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