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New antiserum against Ki-67 antigen suitable for double immunostaining of paraffin wax sections.
  1. G Key,
  2. J L Petersen,
  3. M H Becker,
  4. M Duchrow,
  5. C Schlüter,
  6. J Askaa,
  7. J Gerdes
  1. Forschungsinstitut Borstel, Division of Molecular Immunology, Germany.


    AIMS--To prepare a rabbit antiserum equivalent to MIB 1 to permit the simultaneous assessment of cell proliferation and other markers of interest using double labelling studies. METHODS--Rabbits were immunised with a synthetic peptide deduced from the cDNA sequence coding for the Ki-67 antigen. Serum samples were tested for immunoreactivity using different immunobiochemical methods. RESULTS--A polyclonal antiserum was derived which detects the native as well as recombinant parts of the Ki-67 antigen in different test systems. Furthermore, the antiserum stains the Ki-67 antigen in routinely processed, paraffin wax embedded material. CONCLUSIONS--After antigen unmasking by microwave treatment the antiserum described here represents a powerful tool for the determination of growth fractions even in archival material. It is especially suitable for double staining experiments in combination with monoclonal antibodies.

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