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Poor prognostic value of proliferating cell nuclear antigen labelling index in breast carcinoma.
  1. M Thomas,
  2. M Noguchi,
  3. H Kitagawa,
  4. K Kinoshita,
  5. I Miyazaki
  1. Second Department of Surgery, Kanazawa University Hospital, Japan.


    AIM--To investigate the association between proliferating cell nuclear antigen immunostaining and various clinicopathological variables, and its prognostic value in breast carcinoma. METHODS--A monoclonal antibody PC10 was applied to formalin fixed, paraffin wax embedded tissue in 144 cases of primary breast cancer. PCNA immunostaining was scored by counting 1000 cells; the percentage of positive stained cells was recorded as the PCNA labelling index (PCNA-LI). RESULTS--The PCNA-LI varied from 0-77% with a mean of 18%. When tumours were separated on the basis of the mean value, 93 had a low PCNA-LI of less or equal than 18% and 47 a high PCNA-LI of more than 18%. There was no significant correlation between PCNA-LI and all prognostic factors included in this study. Moreover, PCNA-LI failed to show any prognostic value for overall and disease free survival. CONCLUSION--PCNA immunostaining is not correlated with clinicopathological variables and patient survival in breast cancer.

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