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Diagnosis of human toxocariasis by antigen capture enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.
  1. S H Gillespie,
  2. D Bidwell,
  3. A Voller,
  4. B D Robertson,
  5. R M Maizels
  1. Division of Communicable Diseases, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, Rowland, London.


    AIMS--To evaluate an antigen capture enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) which detects a carbohydrate epitope on the excretory-secretory (ES) antigens of Toxocara canis in clinical practice. METHODS--Serum specimens from healthy adults, patients with acute visceral larva migrans, ocular and inactive toxocariasis, and with other helminth infections were examined by two site antigen capture ELISA. RESULTS--Over half of the patients (19/28) with acute toxocariasis had a positive result in contrast to a small proportion of those with inactive disease (1/10) or ocular infection (2/7). False positive reactions, however, were found in 25% of the patients with serologically confirmed schistosomiasis and filariasis. CONCLUSIONS--This assay is useful in confirming the diagnosis of acute visceral larva migrans but could not be used alone in diagnosis because of false positive reactions in patients with other helminth infections.

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