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Evaluation of the Urotest AB antibacterial substance detection test.
  1. J M Blondeau,
  2. Y Yaschuk,
  3. D Galenzoski,
  4. D Hrabok,
  5. M Isaacson,
  6. L Lee,
  7. H Link,
  8. L Walshaw
  1. Division of Microbiology, St Paul's (Grey Nuns') Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


    The Urotest AB was used to detect antimicrobial substances in urine samples. Of 1022 urine specimens evaluated, Urotest AB detected inhibitors in 38.9%. Of 159 urine specimens from patients thought to be taking an antibiotic, inhibitors were detected in 80.5%. This test may help to explain culture negative urine samples from symptomatic patients, and could help elucidate treatment failures and the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance.

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