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Purification of alpha-1-antitrypsin monomer by preparative electrophoresis.
  1. F Spada,
  2. G Candiano,
  3. C Sergi,
  4. G M Ghiggeri,
  5. F Callea,
  6. R Gusmano
  1. Department of Nephrology, G Gaslini Institute, Genoa, Italy.


    Alfa-1-antitrypsin (alpha 1AT) was purified by pseudoligand chromatography and preparative electrophoresis from the serum of a patient with alpha 1AT deficiency. The combination of the two techniques yielded a high grade batch of alpha 1AT monomer and this was successfully used to purify the protein from the serum of PiMIM1, PiMIM2, and PiZZ phenotype subjects. This procedure should facilitate structural studies of alpha 1AT variants susceptible to intracellular accumulation.

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