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Serological reactivity against cyst and tachyzoite antigens of Toxoplasma gondii determined by FAST-ELISA.
  1. Y W Zhang,
  2. A Fraser,
  3. A H Balfour,
  4. T G Wreghitt,
  5. J J Gray,
  6. J E Smith
  1. Department of Pure and Applied Biology, University of Leeds.


    AIMS--To obtain quantitative data on the human serological response to Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoite and bradyzoite antigens. METHODS--Serum samples from 30 patients who had positive antibody titres against T gondii and from 14 who were seronegative, together with sequential serum samples from four infected individuals, were screened by FAST-ELISA. RESULTS--Serum samples from the 30 seropositive patients showed high IgG and IgM titres against the T gondii tachyzoite antigen but very low responses to cyst antigen. This result was borne out in sequential serum samples from patients with toxoplasmosis. CONCLUSION--Antibody recognition of the cystic stage of T gondii is low, implying that either this stage is poorly immunogenic or that the antigen load is low.

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