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Gold granuloma after accidental implantation.
  1. F R Scott,
  2. A P Dhillon,
  3. J F Lewin,
  4. W Flavell,
  5. I M Laws
  1. University Department of Histopathology, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London.


    A case, in a 66 year old man, of a florid granulomatous reaction to gold dental alloy presenting about 20 years after accidental implantation in the oral mucosa of the lip is reported. Subsequent energy dispersive analysis confirmed the presence of a high nobility gold dental alloy. Florid granulomatosis has only rarely been reported in association with gold. Possible explanations for the delay in presentation include alteration of immune status or the development of hypersensitivity with components of the gold dental alloy acting as haptens.

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