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Detection of Ki67 antigen by a new sheep polyclonal antiserum.
  1. G M Reynolds,
  2. D C Rowlands,
  3. G P Mead
  1. Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston.


    This report describes the characterisation of a polyclonal sheep antiserum against the Ki67 antigen. On western blots, this antiserum recognises a pair of bands of high molecular weight identical with those seen with another polyclonal Ki67 antiserum and the MIB 1 monoclonal antibody. The new antiserum showed nuclear staining of a proportion of cells in paraffin wax embedded tissue sections following antigen retrieval using a microwave oven or pressure cooker. This staining pattern was blocked by incubating the serum with the peptide used as immunogen. The proportion and distribution of immunostained nuclei was identical with that seen with the alternative reagents that recognise the Ki67 antigen. The new reagent stained the same proportion of cells when used over a wide range of dilutions. There was no cross-reactivity with unrelated antigens sometimes detected by the monoclonal antibodies.

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