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Dieulafoy's disease associated with early gastric cancer.
  1. O Leone,
  2. M Zanelli,
  3. D Santini,
  4. F Minni,
  5. D Marrano
  1. Department of Pathology, University of Bologna, Italy.


    In the past different terms have been used to define the vascular malformations of Dieulafoy's disease--for example, calibre persistent artery of the stomach, cirsoid aneurysm and gastric atherosclerosis. A case of Dieulafoy's disease is described in a 41 year old man, who presented with symptoms of anaemia and melaena, with particular attention paid to the morphological characterisation of the vascular histological lesions. Intimal hyperplasia with a non-concentric proliferation of myointimal cells, areas of muscular degeneration, aspects of vascular neoformation of the arterial wall, and other findings are reported. An association between an early diffuse adenocarcinoma and parietal anomalies of Dieulafoy's disease is illustrated.

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