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Routine urinalysis in renal transplant patients.
  1. P Hashmi,
  2. C Ho,
  3. S Morgan,
  4. J R Stephenson
  1. Department of Microbiology, St Helier Trust Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey.


    The performance of two commercially available urine dipstick tests was evaluated to exclude significant bacteriuria in midstream urine samples from patients attending a renal transplant outpatient clinic. The use of dipsticks to reduce the necessity for routine microscopy and culture was also assessed. Consecutive urine samples (n = 497) from 121 patients were examined for leucocytes, nitrite, and blood with Multistix* 10SG (Ames) and Nephur test (Boehring) dipsticks. All urine samples also underwent routine microscopy and culture. The sensitivities of the Nephur test and Multistix were 83% and 82%, respectively; the specificities were 28% and 40%, respectively; the negative predictive values were 85% and 88%, respectively; and the positive predictive values were 24% and 29%, respectively. Underlying conditions and treatments in renal patients may have led to relatively low sensitivity and positive predictive values. Traditional microscopy and culture methods are more reliable for renal transplant recipients.

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