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Nuclear pseudoinclusions in melanocytic naevi and melanomas.
  1. D S Rose
  1. Department of Histopathology, University College, London Medical School.


    Melanocytes in melanocytic naevi and melanomas can display great variation. The presence of nuclear pseudoinclusions (NPI) is said to be useful in the histological and cytological differential diagnosis of malignant melanoma. The prevalence and characteristics of NPI in a series of 493 naevi and 50 melanomas are described. NPI were found in 31% of adult naevi, 30% of congenital naevi from children, 42% of Spitz naevi, 20% of dysplastic naevi, and 56% of melanomas. The presence of NPI is not a reliable criterion for differentiating melanoma from benign melanocytic lesions, although it is useful in distinguishing melanocytic from non-melanocytic tumours.

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