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Microscopic thymoma and myasthenia gravis.
  1. F Puglisi,
  2. N Finato,
  3. L Mariuzzi,
  4. C Marchini,
  5. G Floretti,
  6. C A Beltrami
  1. University of Udine, Italy.


    A rare case of microscopically sized thymoma is described in a 56 year old man suffering from myasthenia gravis. Histological examination of the surgically removed thymus showed the presence of several epithelial thymoma-like islands. As controls, 100 thymuses obtained from consecutive necropsies were sampled: 4% of these cases showed epithelial islands. This case is further proof that "microscopic thymoma" is a true pathological entity and suggests that every thymus removed from myasthenic patients in which there is no macroscopic evidence of thymoma should be examined microscopically on serial sections.

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