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Evaluation of the Cult-Dip Plus dip slide method for urinary tract infection.
  1. J M Blondeau,
  2. Y Yaschuk,
  3. D Galenzoski,
  4. D Hrabok,
  5. M Isaacson,
  6. L Lee,
  7. H Link,
  8. L Walshaw
  1. Division of Microbiology, St Paul's Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


    AIM--To evaluate the Cult-Dip Plus (Merck, Germany), a bacteriological culture test for detecting uropathogens. METHODS--Cult-Dip Plus consists of Brolacin (CLED) and MacConkey agar, each containing methylumbelliferylglucuronide (MUG). Using 1022 urine samples, this product was compared with the routine method of calibrated loop inoculated CLED and blood agar for screening urine for uropathogens. The MUG test for identifying Escherichia coli was also evaluated. RESULTS--Compared with the routine method, Cult-Dip Plus has a sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of 88.3%, 98.0%, 91.9%, and 97.1%, respectively. The MUG test correctly identified 92% of E coli isolates with a sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value of 91.6%, 95.2%, and 93.6%, respectively. CONCLUSION--Cult-Dip Plus appears to be an alternative method to the calibrate loop method for detecting uropathogens. The MUG test permits rapid, reliable and inexpensive identification of E coli.

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