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Phraseology in pathology reports. A comparative study of interpretation among pathologists and surgeons.
  1. R L Attanoos,
  2. A D Bull,
  3. A G Douglas-Jones,
  4. L J Fligelstone,
  5. D Semararo
  1. Department of Histopathology, University of Wales, College of Medicine, Cardiff.


    This questionnaire based study compared the interpretation, use and preferences, among pathologists and surgeons, of descriptive phrases found in surgical reports. The results show that there is a wide variation in individual interpretation of phrases in both groups. The frequency of usage of phrases by pathologists and preference for phrases by surgeons were also diverse. The adoption of a limited number of descriptive phrases that are mutually understood and acceptable for use by both pathologists and clinicians is recommended to avoid interpretive ambiguity in pathology reports.

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