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Ocular spherulocystosis.
  1. U Kini,
  2. M K Babu
  1. Department of Pathology, St John's Medical College, Bangalore, India.


    Spherulocystosis (myospherulosis), a rare entity, is characterised by histopathological changes of sac-like refractile structures in soft tissue and presents clinically as an inflammatory lesion. It is caused by trauma or is induced iatrogenically by the topical application of fat based ointments. A case of myospherulosis confined to the region of the lacrimal caruncle, which developed soon after topical antibiotic application for suspected conjunctivitis, in a 49 year old woman is reported. Though this lesion is uncommon, this report illustrates the importance of recognising this condition to avoid confusion with and treatment for fungal infection.

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