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Search for picornaviruses at onset of inflammatory myopathy.
  1. W M Behan,
  2. J W Gow,
  3. K Simpson,
  4. P O Behan
  1. Department of Pathology, Glasgow University.


    Picornaviruses may not play a role as persistent agents in the inflammatory myopathies, but it is still thought likely that they may act as triggers of an autoimmune process. Forty one muscle biopsy specimens, taken from three weeks to six months (mean four months) after onset, were examined using three different picornaviral primers and PCR. Moderate to severe disease activity was evident in all specimens. The results were compared with those of 18 biopsy specimens examined later in the disease course, and with specimens from 27 patients with non-inflammatory myopathies. All results were negative. Thus, even as early as three weeks after clinical disease appears, picornaviruses are not detectable in these disorders.

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