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Colonic obstruction and perforation related to heavy Trichuris trichiura infestation.
  1. J Bahon,
  2. J Poirriez,
  3. C Creusy,
  4. A N Edriss,
  5. J P Laget,
  6. E Dei Cas
  1. Laboratoire d'Anatomie et de Cytologie Pathologiques, Faculté Libre de Médecine, Université Catholique de Lille, France.


    Heavy Trichuris trichiura infestation is rare in developed countries, and complications requiring surgical intervention have been described rarely in human trichuriasis. A case of colonic obstruction and perforation related to heavy whip-worm infection is described in an 84 year old woman. The woman was admitted to hospital because of a chest infection. Two days after admission she suffered nausea and vomiting followed a day later by bowel stoppage. Laparotomy indicated intestinal obstruction by a tumour. A partial right sided ileocolectomy was performed. Pathological examination of the resected bowel revealed heavy infestation with T trichiura causing a pseudotumour following a proliferative inflammatory response.

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