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A method for the confirmation and identification of drugs of misuse in urine using solid phase extraction and gas-liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry.
  1. J H Galloway,
  2. M Ashford,
  3. I D Marsh,
  4. M Holden,
  5. A R Forrest
  1. Department of Clinical Chemistry, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK.


    A method is described for the confirmation/identification of a range of commonly misused drugs in urine samples. The method has been used for two years without problems for a range of purposes including hospital/clinic drugs of misuse screening and for toxicology in coroner's cases. Urine samples which have given a positive result on immunochemical screening for a particular drug group or groups (for example, opiates) can be processed with identification of the drugs present using a single procedure. Bond ElutCertify columns are used for the extraction of drugs from the samples followed by propionylation and gas chromatography with mass selective detection.

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