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Multivariate analyses of DNA index, p62c-myc, and clinicopathological status of patients with ovarian cancer.
  1. M Curling,
  2. S Stenning,
  3. C N Hudson,
  4. J V Watson
  1. Clinical Oncology Unit, Medical School, Cambridge, UK.


    AIM: To determine if either DNA index or p62c-myc is an independent prognostic variable in ovarian cancer. METHODS: Multivariate and univariate analyses of the relation between DNA index, p62c-myc, FIGO stage, histological type, tumour grade, completeness of surgery, and patient survival in ovarian cancer were examined. RESULTS: Multivariate analysis showed significant association of survival only with stage and grade. There was no relation between survival and DNA index. CONCLUSIONS: DNA index is not an independent prognostic variable in ovarian cancer.

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