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A prospective controlled study of the association of Streptococcus bovis with colorectal carcinoma.
  1. M A Potter,
  2. N A Cunliffe,
  3. M Smith,
  4. R S Miles,
  5. A D Flapan,
  6. M G Dunlop
  1. University of Edinburgh Department of Surgery, Western General Hospital, UK.


    AIM: To investigate the ability of Streptococcus bovis to colonise colorectal cancers. PATIENTS: 19 patients with colorectal cancer and 23 controls without malignancy. SETTING: University teaching hospital. METHODS: Prospective study comparing unselected patients with known colorectal cancer with age and sex matched controls. Carcinoma tissue from patients with colorectal cancer and normal colonic mucosa, stool, and blood from both patients and control subjects were cultured. RESULTS: In contrast to published data, the faecal carriage rate was similar in cancer (11%) and control groups (13%). CONCLUSIONS: Faecal colonisation by Str bovis in colorectal cancer patients is lower than previously reported and does not differ significantly from controls.

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