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Molecular epidemiology of ocular isolates of adenovirus 8 obtained over nine years.
  1. D Corsaro,
  2. J P Gut,
  3. V Venard,
  4. A Le Faou
  1. Unité Mixte de Recherche 7565 UHP-CNRS, CHU Nancy-Brabois, Vandoeuvre lès Nancy, France.


    Twenty nine strains of adenovirus 8 have been isolated over nine years in Strasbourg, France, 22 of which were from one private ophthalmologist. To assess a possible relation between these strains, the DNA of adenovirus was analysed by restriction fragment length polymorphism using eight different enzymes. Among these, three proved discriminant (Xba I, Bgl II, Eco RI) and made it possible to define 13 genotypes differing from each other by one to three DNA bands. Seven genotypes were unique isolates, while three, representing 16 strains, were isolated over five to eight years. All the genotypes but one were closely related, with 87% homology. All 13 differed from an adenovirus 8 strain from Lyon (homology 68-76%). This study confirmed the stability of adenovirus 8 in a given population.

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