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Misdiagnosis of toxoplasma infection by PCR: fears unfounded.
  1. M Bhalla,
  2. J D Johnson,
  3. R E Holliman,
  4. D Savva
  1. School of Animal and Microbial Sciences, Whiteknights, University of Reading, UK.


    A nested PCR based diagnostic assay for the detection of toxoplasmosis was devised in 1990 and was used successfully among a battery of tests for the clinical diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infection since 1991. However, it was reported that the assay produced false positive diagnoses with Nocardia asteroides infection. Investigation of this phenomenon showed that although cross reactivity with some unrelated organisms may be observed when altered conditions are employed, the assay does not lead to misdiagnosis if performed under the appropriate, stringent conditions.

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