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Atlas of Metabolic Diseases.
  1. M Crook

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    WL Nyhan, PT Ozand. (£140.00.) Chapman and Hall, 1999. ISBN 0 412 47960 5

    It was a great pleasure reviewing this text and one of the best reads of a medical book that I have had for ages. It is written by two world experts in the field of inborn metabolic disorders. To a non-specialist, inborn metabolic disorders can seem daunting to understand, yet this book clearly describes in detail 103 such conditions in a very readable manner. The authors have also tried to keep the book as up to date as possible in a rapidly moving field.

    The book is beautifully illustrated with a rich selection of colour photographs to highlight each metabolic disorder. The abnormal biochemical pathways are clearly portrayed by diagrams and each chapter is briefly summarised to facilitate reading and is well referenced. Although not as detailed as a textbook such as The Metabolic Basis of Inherited Disease it is what it states—an atlas of metabolic diseases—and its attraction to me was its clear, concise, and attractive style.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this book, and I suspect that it will be useful reading not only for paediatricians (both in training or more senior), but also chemical pathologists, laboratory scientists, and geneticists. Medical students may also find the atlas useful because of its user friendly format.

    In summary, an excellent text and one that should find a place in many medical school libraries.