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Capillary haemangioma of the testis
  1. P R Mazal1,
  2. C Kratzik2,
  3. R Kain1,
  4. M Susani1
  1. 1Department of Clinical Pathology, University of Vienna, General Hospital, Währinger Gürtel 18–20, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
  2. 2Department of Urology, University of Vienna
  1. Dr Susani email: Martin.Susani{at}


A case of testicular capillary haemangioma is reported and the importance of intraoperative examination of this very rare lesion emphasised. Capillary haemangioma of the testis can be similar to malignant testicular tumours on clinical presentation, as well as on ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging, and therefore should be included in the intraoperative differential diagnosis. Because of the benign nature of this lesion, conservative surgical treatment by means of tumour enucleation with preservation of the testis is possible, if intraoperative examination of frozen sections of representative tissue can be performed.

  • testis
  • haemangioma

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