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Evaluating the usefulness of the ICT tuberculosis test kit for the diagnosis of tuberculosis


Background—Early diagnosis of tuberculosis is crucial, especially in Korea, where tuberculosis is endemic.

Aims—To evaluate the validity of the ICT tuberculosis test (ICT) in early diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Methods—Sixty eight patients with tuberculosis were tested; 37 had no history of previous tuberculosis (patient group 1), and 31 had reactivated tuberculosis (patient group 2). The control groups comprised 77 subjects: 25 healthy adults, 35 hospital workers, and 17 inpatients with non-tuberculous respiratory diseases.

Results—The diagnostic sensitivities of ICT were 73% in patient group 1 and 87.1% in patient group 2. In two patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis, both tested positive using ICT. The specificities of ICT were 88%, 94%, and 94% in healthy adults, hospital workers, and non-tuberculous patients, respectively.

Conclusions—ICT is a useful tool for the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

  • serological diagnosis of tuberculosis
  • ICT tuberculosis test

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