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Liver Biopsy Evaluation; Histologic Diagnosis and Clinical Correlations.
  1. E Blomena

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    Kanel GC, Korula K. (£95.00) WB Saunders, 2000. ISBN 0 7216 7692 8

    The interpretation of liver biopsies is generally considered to be a difficult task by many pathologists, especially those who are confronted with liver biopsies only occasionally. In this book by Kanel and Korula the evaluation of a liver biopsy is tackled very schematically. In the introduction, the pathologist is guided through the various parts of the liver biopsy. If a biopsy is thus examined, the pathologist can be confident that all aspects are thoroughly considered. Next, the morphological landmarks such as cholestasis, pigments, and portal lymphocytes with or without periportal activity are described. This part of the book contains numerous colour photographs and provides tables with the clinical entities in which the landmark can occur. A chapter on liver diseases describes in tables the histology and clinical and laboratory parameters of various liver diseases, with reference to the tables with landmarks. Finally, the changes induced by a great number of drugs and toxins are described.

    In its algorithmic approach, the book resembles the book of J Ludwig (Practical Liver Biopsy Interpretation; ISBN 0 89189 347 4). However, this book is more extensive and the photographs are more abundant and colourful. With its practical approach, it is warmly recommended for every pathologist involved in liver pathology, but it is too limited for those with a special interest in pathophysiological processes.

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