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Vascular Disease: Molecular Biology and Gene Therapy Protocols. Methods in Molecular Medicine.
  1. H W M Niessen

    Statistics from

    Baker AH, ed. (£72.50.) Humana Press, 1999. ISBN 0 89603 731 2.

    In this book, an impressive amount of different molecular techniques that can be used in vascular research are described in great detail.

    In summary, methods of molecular biology are described related to gene isolation, characterisation, expression, and transfer, and (of course) cell death.

    In each chapter, the principle of the technique is first elucidated (of course a basic knowledge of molecular biology is necessary). Subsequent materials and methods sections are described stepwise. Each chapter ends with notes that give extra clues for doing the experiments, and also functions as a troubleshooter. Also helpful are the illustrations of the outcome of the described experiments, when successful. In the last chapter, gene transfer protocols are described, according to recent developments in this field.

    Although all these methods can be used in pathological specimens, for general histopathology it is probably less suitable. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting book and I recommend it strongly for researchers, including pathologists, who are doing research in the field of vascular disease.

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