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Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology, 2nd ed
  1. M Crook

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    Haschek WM, Rousseaux CG, Wallig MA, eds. (£330.00.) Academic Press, 2001 ISBN 0 12 330215 3.

    My first impression on being asked to review this “hand book” was that I would need big hands to hold it for long! I found this a most impressive text consisting of two volumes each of about 800 pages. The handbook is a multiauthor text and has now appeared in second edition.

    Volume one describes various principles of toxicology whereas the second volume looks at organ specific toxicology. I found that some chapters were particularly good, such as those describing heavy metal toxicology and radiation damage. The handbook gives a wealth of information written by experts in their field. Colour photographs may have assisted the text but presumably at the expense of production costs.

    In summary, I believe this to be a most comprehensive reference book covering the topic of toxicological pathology thoroughly. Although specialised, it may well find a place in the general histopathology or chemical pathology laboratory. More likely, it would be used in a specialist toxicology department or larger library.