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Worms and Human Disease – Second Edition
  1. A Essa

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    Muller R. (£35.00) Cabi Publishing, 2002. ISBN 0 85199 516 0.

    This book is the second edition of Worms and disease: a manual of medical helminthology first published in 1975.

    It covers this branch of parasitology in sufficient detail, especially because significant advances have been made since 1975 in immunology, molecular biology, diagnosis, and treatment aspects of this complex branch of medicine.

    The text is balanced by core information and additional descriptions without resorting to elaborate and bulky text, which would have increased costs and added little to its use as a ready reference.

    It succeeds as “a practical guide in human helminthology for physicians and medical technologists”, and will find favour among postgraduate students in tropical diseases, undergraduate medical, zoological, and tropical engineering students, and technologists.

    However, it does not cover detailed pathology and aspects of differential diagnosis, perhaps reserved for more specialised textbooks, which may not appeal to the intended wider reader base.

    The reader is given adequate references, most of which are derived from the 1980 to 2000 period.

    The life cycles and illustrations (including maps and drawings) are useful, with commendable appendices at the end of the book (notably Appendix 2 dealing with the glossary of helminth terms and Appendix 3, which covers the location of helminths in the human body).

    The overall impression is that the book is a worthy addition to any medical library, and it is highly recommended for students in both clinical and laboratory medicine, workers in these disciplines, and allied sciences where helminthology has a bearing.