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Unusual cardiac tumour with perivascular myoid differentiation: a case report


A previously healthy 70 year old woman was admitted for fatigue and dyspnoea on exertion and cough. A two dimensional echocardiography revealed a mass in the right atrium, which obstructed filling and infiltrated the cardiac chamber wall. Postsurgical histological examination revealed an unusual tumour with prevalent myoid glomangiopericytoma-type and haemangiopericytoma-like patterns. Mitosis and necrosis were absent. A computed tomography scan excluded the presence of metastasis to distant organs or, conversely, metastatic involvement of the heart. Therefore, a diagnosis of tumour with perivascular myoid differentiation was made. This new entity, recently described in soft tissues, can easily recur. Its recognition helps to differentiate from metastasis and other primitive cardiac tumours sharing some morphological features but a different clinical behaviour, with consequent improvement to the management of patient care.

  • differential diagnosis
  • heart
  • haemangiopericytoma
  • myoid tumour

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