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CDX-2 immunostaining in primary and secondary ovarian carcinomas
  1. L Tornillo1,
  2. H Moch1,
  3. P-A Diener2,
  4. A Lugli1,
  5. G Singer1
  1. 1Institute of Pathology, University of Basel, Schoenbeinstrasse 40, 4031 Basel, Switzerland
  2. 2Institute of Pathology, Cantonal Hospital, St Gallen, Switzerland
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr G Singer
 Institute of Pathology, University of Basel, Schoenbeinstrasse 40, 4031 Basel, Switzerland;


Aims: To assess the value of homeobox protein CDX-2 expression in the distinction between primary ovarian carcinomas and carcinomas metastatic to the ovary.

Methods: CDX-2 expression was assessed by immunohistochemistry in 120 serous, 68 endometrioid, 24 clear cell, and 16 mucinous carcinomas of the ovary. In addition, CDX-2 immunoreactivity was investigated in 20 metastases from adenocarcinomas to the ovary (15 of colorectal, two of gastric, one of appendiceal, one of pancreatic, and one of cervical origin) and their corresponding primary tumours.

Results: Almost all of the primary ovarian carcinomas lacked immunoreactivity for CDX-2. In contrast, 14 of the 16 metastases to the ovary from intestinal primaries showed CDX-2 immunoexpression.

Conclusion: CDX-2 is a useful marker for differentiating primary ovarian carcinoma from carcinomas metastatic to the ovary.

  • carcinoma
  • cdx-2
  • intestinal
  • metastatic
  • ovarian

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