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Surgical pathology dissection. An illustrated guide, 2nd ed
  1. R Chetty

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    Westra WH, Hruban RH, Phelps TH, Isaacson C. (£56.00.) Springer, 2003. ISBN 0 387 95559 3.

    Because I am particularly obsessed with standardisation of the grossing of specimens, reviewing a book devoted entirely to this extremely important aspect of surgical pathology was something I did with relish.

    As is set out in the foreword, the grossing guidelines contained in the book conform, in the main, with the recommendations of the College of Pathologists and the Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology, although the contributors are from one institution.

    The style of the book is very simple and the reader is “talked” through the dissection. There are line drawings of the specimens and where sections of the specimen should be taken from. Although in black and white, this does not detract from the essence of the book. As such, it is an excellent instruction manual that should form the basis of every cut up manual anywhere in the world. Although there are regional variations and personal quirks, there is only one way to gross a specimen properly and that is the right way. This book will point anyone who is at the cut up bench in the right direction.

    I thoroughly recommend this book to all registrars, pathologists, and pathologist’s assistants.