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The Cytology of Soft Tissue Tumours
  1. S Boerner

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    Akerman M, Domanski H A. (€110.00.) Karger, 2003. ISBN 3 8055 759 7.

    Åkerman’s and Domanski’s text The Cytology of Soft Tissue Tumours from the Monographs in Clinical Cytology series is a beautifully illustrated, well referenced and written treatise on the interpretation of fine needle aspirations (FNAs) of these lesions. The text starts with a brief overview of the FNA of soft tissue tumours including accuracy, pitfalls, complications, and a discussion of the aspiration technique itself, with application of ancillary studies. This is followed by a concise review of the specific entities following standard histogenetic organisation. With each major entity, the salient cytological features and differential diagnostic considerations are clearly listed, with comments on the potential pitfalls admixed with helpful hints, providing a practical approach to the diagnosis of the lesions. The final chapter summarises in tabular form the salient diagnostic features and results of ancillary studies of the various entities in groupings based on a pattern recognition approach. Illustrations abound and include air dried May-Grünwald-Giemsa, in addition to alcohol fixed haematoxylin and eosin or occasionally Papanicolaou stained cytological preparations. Little criticism of this text can be found and there is no question that this book should be in the library of those interpreting FNAs of soft tissue lesions.