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Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Surgical Pathology
  1. R Chetty

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    Edited by S E Kilpatrick, J B Renner. London: Published by Elsevier, 2003, £119.00 (hardback), pp 393. ISBN 0-7216-9163-3

    This is a superb book combining radiological and pathological features and including colour illustrations of both bone and soft tissue tumours.

    Entities are discussed in a clear, cogent manner. Numerous helpful tables liberally supplement the text and serve as an aide de memoir.

    All illustrations are of high quality and show the reader the essential diagnostic features. The additional feature of this book is the associated fine needle aspiration findings. Although not a practicising cytopathologist, I must say that I found these to be aesthetically pleasing but would have difficulty diagnosing a myxofibrosarcoma on fine needle aspiration! Be that as it may, I am sure that aficionados of cytopathology would no doubt find the illustrations diagnostic.

    All in all, there is little, if any, fault with this book. I thoroughly recommend it as a bench book for those encountering soft tissue and bone tumours. The radiological pictures are also excellent and give the reader a handle on what to expect with the various tumours. This book compares very favourably with its larger and better known competitors. As a starting point for the diagnosis of bone and/or soft tissue tumours, I think that this is an excellent book.