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The world is not enough
  1. N Kakkar

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    Doctor, I’ve been having a headache ever since I left my man,

    Do not worry, you’re in good hands, lets get a CT scan.

    Will it take my headache away?

    No, but it’ll give me a day.

    And about my sensation of burning,

    Our GI endoscopist will cure your tossing and turning.

    No doc, it’s not my stomach but the urinary bladder,

    To scope you there our urologist will be gladder.

    I also have gas that turns me around,

    For these things, we have the ultrasound.

    Don’t know if I should mention about the watering of my right eye,

    Extremely good resolution of that area with the MRI.

    At my age, should I worry about my urea, sugar and cholesterol,

    Just give us some blood and we’ll sort them all.

    These tests are going to cost me the world,

    The sight of the bill makes me choke makes me cough,

    Think what you want dear lady, these days…………

    The world is not enough!