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Colour Atlas of Anatomical Pathology, 3rd Edition
  1. R Chetty

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    R A Cooke, B Stewart, eds. Elsevier, 2003, £39.99 (paperback), pp 290. ISBN 0 44307 360 0

    This atlas has formed an essential part of the training of both new anatomical pathology registrars and pathology undergraduate students. It is probably more essential now given the declining rate of necropsies and the slight ambivalence and aversion of new trainees towards necropsies in general. Knowledge of gross pathology is a fundamental component of anatomical pathology and this atlas is the next best thing to seeing fresh, wet macroscopic pathology.

    The illustrations in the book are of a uniform high quality and portray the pertinent pathological features. I have no real criticisms of this compendium of gross photos and would recommend that it be on the shelves of training departments and medical school libraries.