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Bloody Easy: Blood Transfusions, Blood Alternatives and Transfusion Reactions: a Guide to Transfusion Medicine
  1. B J Bain

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    Edited by J L Callum, P H Pinkerton. 2003 (paperback): Published by Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, pp 115. ISBN 0 96813 4424

    This is a useful book directed at medical staff who are responsible for the transfusion of blood, blood components, and blood products to patients. It is compact and would fit easily into a pocket. The approach is very practical and will provide clinical staff with the information necessary to answer patients’ questions. The style is didactic but important statements are supported by references provided in small print in an appendix. This is a sensible approach because the uncluttered pages are easy to read and can be referred to quickly, whereas the reader who wants to know more is not denied the necessary evidence base. The book links to a useful website, which is designed for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge.

    The detailed information given is specifically applicable to Canada. Much, but not all, is readily transferable to other countries. Anyone wishing to provide this book for the use of clinical staff might wish to have an insert giving details of local differences. Two blank pages at the back of the book would permit this to be pasted in.

    On a personal note, I do not like the title—it would make me less likely to recommend this book.