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Embryo and Fetal Pathology. Color Atlas with Ultrasound Correlation
  1. H C Wainwright

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    Edited by E Gilbert-Barness, D Debich-Spicer. Cambridge: Published by Cambridge University Press, 2004, £195.00 (hardback), pp 720. ISBN 0 52182 529 6

    This is a comprehensive and extremely well illustrated atlas with good quality colour photographs. The information provided is up to date and well presented.

    It has an excellent well illustrated section on embryonic development and good photos of growth disorganised embryos. Dating and staging of embryos should be straightforward using this atlas.

    There are helpful tables throughout the book that make for easy quick reference.

    Errors of morphogenesis are followed by malformation syndromes, dysplasia, and disruption. The chapter on malformation syndromes is well set out with practical tables of syndromes that refer to a specific malformation—for example, unilateral renal agenesis. Both dysplasias and disruptions are well discussed and illustrated.

    A novel addition is the provision of colour diagrams of each operative procedure performed for the correction of congenital heart disease. A good list of likely complications for each operation is provided.

    The juxtaposition of macroscopic photos with the ultrasound images is helpful for interpretation and correlation of the findings.

    A strange concept provided under congenital tumours (page 548) is that Castleman disease and Takayasu disease are malformation syndromes with haemangiomas.

    In addition, several typographical errors were noted.

    This book adds a new dimension to the currently available fetal and neonatal pathology books.