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Biology and Management of Multiple Myeloma
  1. B J Bain

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    Edited by J R Berenson. Humana Press, 2004, $125.00 (hardback), pp 376. ISBN 0 89603 706 1

    This multiauthor book provides a useful comprehensive account of our current state of knowledge of multiple myeloma, encompassing epidemiology and aetiology, diagnosis, cytogenetic and molecular genetic abnormalities, prognosis, and treatment. There are chapters on renal lesions, bone lesions, and anaemia and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance has also been discussed. The authors have been drawn from Europe, North America, and Australia and the approach taken is therefore generally applicable. The text has been well edited (or perhaps the book was well planned) so that there is not a great deal of duplication; some duplication could have been avoided between the chapter on cytogenetic and molecular genetic analysis and that on prognosis. The book will probably be of use to clinicians because it not only gives an account of relevant scientific advances but also provides an up to date review of current and future treatment options. It should also be useful to pathologists, providing an update of the clinical context in which they are reporting. The standard of production is high—acid free paper and a good clear font that makes for easy reading.