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Thoracic invasion in gastric carcinoma
  1. E Antón
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital of Zumárraga, B° Argixao s/n, 20700-Zumárraga, Guipúzcoa, Spain;

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    In general, superior vena cava obstruction, an uncommon manifestation of lung cancer, is caused by carcinoma of the bronchus, and less commonly by lymphoma, metastatic disease, and intrathoracic tumours.1 We describe a case of superior vena cava thrombosis caused by pleural metastases arising from a gastric adenocarcinoma.

    A 70 year old man presented with a two month history of persistent epigastric pain, nausea, weakness, fatigue, anorexia, and progressive weight loss. He had smoked 30 cigarrettes a day for many years. An endoscopic examination and an abdominal computed tomography scan demonstrated a gastric mass located in the upper third …

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