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Multilocular cystic renal oncocytoma
  1. X Leroy,
  2. S Aubert,
  3. L Lemaitre,
  4. J Haffner,
  5. J Biserte,
  6. B Gosselin
  1. Departments of Pathology, Urology, and Radiology, University Hospitals, 59037, Lille, France;

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    Cystic renal tumours are a diagnostic challenge. Both benign and malignant tumours may have cystic features. Oncocytoma is a benign epithelial tumour that can present focal central microcystic features, but oncocytoma with a multilocular cystic presentation is very rare, and is often misdiagnosed as renal carcinoma with a cystic component.1–5 Here, we report two consecutive cases of multilocular cystic renal oncocytoma.

    A 67 year old man presented with a sudden pain in his left back. He had no relevant medical history. Physical examination showed a microscopic haematuria.

    Ultrasonography, computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uncovered a large heterogeneous tumour in the left kidney. The tumour measured 7 cm in its greatest diameter, and was largely cystic with multilocular septa. Enhancement of the septa and the nodular central …

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