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Solid mesenchymal hamartoma in an adult: a case report


Mesenchymal hamartoma of the liver (MHL) is an uncommon tumour composed of architecturally abnormal bile ducts in an uncommitted myxoid stroma. Most MHL are diagnosed in childhood and few cases have been reported in adults. This report describes a case of a well defined solid mass in the right lobe of the liver in a 51 year old man. Preoperative radiological examination revealed a large completely solid mass. Biopsy showed a dense fibrous stroma with hyalinisation and some bile ducts. A provisional diagnosis of MHL was made. Surgical excision was impossible and liver transplantation was undertaken. Definitive pathology confirmed the diagnosis. Review of published reports shows this to be the fourth case of MHL treated by liver transplantation.

  • MHL, mesenchymal hamartoma of the liver
  • mesenchymal hamartoma
  • liver
  • transplantation

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