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Plasma cell satellitism in plasma cell myeloma
  1. N D Dimov*,
  2. D L Zynger*,
  3. L C Peterson
  1. McGaw Medical Centre of Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
  1. Correspondence to:
    N D Dimov
    Mc Gaw Medical Centre of North Western University, 251 E Huron Street, Feinberg 7 325B,Chicago, IL 60611, USA;n-dimov{at}

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Plasma cell satellitism around macrophages has been reported in a patient with plasma cell myeloma (multiple myeloma) and amyloidosis.1 The formation of the rosettes was attributed to the secretion of amyloid by macrophages.1–3 We report a case of plasma cell satellitism without associated amyloidosis. It is important to recognise this rare morphological finding to prevent confusion with other conditions, such as nucleated red blood cells clustering around macrophages or metastatic tumours exhibiting rosette formation.

The investigation of a 63-year-old man …

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  • * These authors contributed equally to this work.

  • Competing interests: None declared.