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p53 protein expression and genetic mutation in two primary cell types in pulmonary sclerosing haemangioma


Aims: To investigate the significance of p53 protein expression and genetic mutations in two primary cell types in pulmonary sclerosing haemangioma (PSH).

Methods: p53 protein expression in polygonal cells and cuboidal cells in 19 patients with PSH was detected using immunohistochemistry. The two major cell types were captured using laser capture microdissection technology. Mutations in the p53 gene (exons 5–8) were examined using single-stranded conformation polymorphism and DNA sequencing analysis.

Results: p53 protein expression and gene mutations were observed in 15.8% (3/19) of cases. In these cases, p53 protein was expressed in the nucleus of both cell types, with higher expression levels and mutation rates in polygonal cells than in surface cuboidal cells. Two cases showed mutation only in the polygonal cells, while one case showed double (separate) mutations in both the polygonal and cuboidal cells.

Conclusions: p53 mutation was exhibited in PSH. The mutation rate in polygonal cells was higher than that in surface cuboidal cells.

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