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The expression of adiponectin receptors Adipo-R1 and Adipo-R2 is associated with an intestinal histotype and longer survival in gastric carcinoma
  1. V Barresi,
  2. M Grosso,
  3. G Giuffrè,
  4. G Tuccari,
  5. G Barresi
  1. Department of Human Pathology, University of Messina, Messina, Italy
  1. Dr V Barresi, Dipartimento di Patologia Umana, Policlinico Universitario G Martino, Via Consolare Valeria, 98125 Messina, Italy; vbarresi{at}


Background: Adiponectin (ApN) is a 30 kDa adipocytokine which mediates an antineoplastic effect after binding to its receptors, Adipo-R1 and Adipo-R2. The expression of these receptors has been documented in gastric cancer (GC) cell lines, but only a few data exist on their expression in GC neoplastic tissue.

Aim: To investigate the expression of Adipo-R1 and Adipo-R2 in a series of surgically resected GCs and to assess its association with various tumour clinicopathological characteristics as well as with patient survival.

Methods: Forty-nine surgically resected GCs were submitted to immunohistochemical assays for Adipo-R1, Adipo-R2 and ApN.

Results: Adipo-R1 and Adipo-R2 immunoexpression was found in 22/49 GCs and in intestinal metaplasia areas near the tumours, whereas only slight immunoreactivity for these proteins was found in adjacent normal gastric epithelium. No ApN expression was encountered in any of the cases analysed. Adipo-R1/Adipo-R2 expression was significantly associated with an intestinal histotype of the tumours and with longer overall survival of the patients.

Conclusions: Intestinal-type GCs often express Adipo-R1/R2 in association with a better prognosis. The presence of these receptors could be exploited for novel anticancer therapies based on ApN addition in GC.

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