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Clinicopathological significance and prognostic value of EphA3 and CD133 expression in colorectal carcinoma


Aims To investigate clinicopathological significance and prognostic implications of EphA3, CD133 and Ki-67 expression in colorectal cancer.

Methods EphA3, CD133 and Ki-67 expression was assessed in 201 cases of paraffin-embedded colorectal carcinoma and 60 cases of distal normal mucosal tissue by immunohistochemistry. Medical records were reviewed and clinicopathological analysis was performed. The differential expression of EphA3 and CD133 protein was detected in 20 cases of fresh resected colorectal carcinoma and 20 cases of matched normal mucosal tissue adjacent to the carcinoma by western blot.

Results The expression of EphA3 and CD133 in carcinoma was significantly higher than that in normal mucosal tissue (p=0.008; p=0.004). EphA3 and CD133 were positively correlated with tumour size (p=0.029; p=0.017), histological grade (all p=0.001), infiltrative depth (all p=0.00), lymph node metastasis (all p=0.00), distant metastasis (p=0.017; p=0.030) and TNM stage (all p=0.001). Patients with high expression of EphA3 and CD133 had the lowest survival (all p=0.001) (median survival time of EphA3 positive and negative cases: 34.0 and 72.0 months; median survival time of CD133 positive and negative cases: 34.0 and 77.0 months). Multivariate survival analysis showed that EphA3 and CD133 expression was correlated significantly with shortened survival in patients with colorectal cancer (Cox regression: p=0.001, HR=4.722, 95% CI 2.667 to 8.361; p=0.001, HR=5.224, 95% CI 2.622 to 10.405). EphA3, CD133 and Ki-67 expression in colorectal cancer had positive correlations with each other (all p=0.001).

Conclusions EphA3 and CD133 may play an important role in the development and progression of tumours, and thus become useful indicators for clinical assessment of tumour biological behaviour and prognosis in patients with colorectal carcinoma.

  • Colorectal neoplasms
  • EphA3
  • CD133
  • prognosis
  • colorectal cancer

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