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CD10-positive mantle cell lymphoma: biologically distinct entity or an aberrant immunophenotype? Insight, through gene expression profile in a unique case series


Background Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is an aggressive disease with genetic heterogeneity and discrete clinical subtypes. MCL is rarely CD10 positive. These cases raise the question whether a subset of MCL may be germinal centre (GC) derived, and have distinct clinicopathological characteristics.

Aims and methods A series of nine CD10-positive MCL cases is described herein. The clinicopathological and immunophenotypic features, immunoglobulin somatic hypermutation (SHM) status and gene expression profile (GEP) data are detailed. These features were compared with two independent sets (n=20, each) of CD10-negative MCL cases (controls), which were randomly selected from our institutional registry.

Results GEP showed distinct expression of a GC signature in CD10-positive MCL cases with minimal impact on downstream signalling pathways. There were no significant differences in the clinicopathological features or clinical outcome between our CD10-positive and CD10-negative MCL cases. The frequency of SHM was comparable with established data.

Conclusions This study provides convincing evidence that CD10 expression is related to a distinct GC signature in MCL cases, but without clinical or biological implications.


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