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Decreased faux addenda following standardisation of pathologist practice


Aims We wanted to improve the quality of histopathology addenda and amendments by introducing standardised nomenclature and procedures.

Methods We standardised amendment and addenda definitions, implemented a pathologist visual work tool, and evaluated and quantitated all amendments and addenda for 3 months prior to implementation and 17 months after.

Results In the 3-month pre-intervention period, 32 of 979 addenda (3.3%) were misused and 18 of 98 amendments (18.4%) were incorrectly classified. In the 17-month post-intervention period, 57 of 5906 addenda (1.0%) were misused and 54 of 752 amendments (7.2%) were incorrectly classified. These differences were statistically significant (p<0.0001).

Conclusions The introduction of standardised nomenclature and a visual work tool significantly improved the quality of histopathology addenda and amendments.


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